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sexual assault survivor’s resource guide

hi to all,

i just finished my first zine and I’m so excited to share it with everyone (for free) who is interested! 

I have the 15 page guide printed in Spanish and English and stickers with the web address for people to access the guide online. 

The Guide:

-In Spanish/English

-Local (San Diego), as well as national health, housing and legal resources  for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault

-suggestions on practicing physical, emotional, and general self care

-encouragement and support for survivors that are reading

I also have hand-written stickers with messages on them like:

"It does not matter what she is wearing"

"Partners can hurt us, too"

"You are not responsible for your assault"

that are available for people to post up around their community. The web address of the manual is printed on the sticker as well. If anyone reading this wants to share or is interested in receiving a copy (at no charge) please message me and let me know. 

for more info about me or the zine see these websites. 



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